Black Poison, our editor’s band, is playing a concert!

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October 3, 2012 by zssedu

This holidays there was the first Rock Camp for girls in Poland – in Poznan (CK Zamek). It lasted 2 weeks. I took part in it. I’ve played guitar for 3 years – recently electric guitar – and I wanted to create a band.

I’ve met there 3 fantastic girls: Inez (a drummer), Lucyna’Czaki’ (a bassist) and Monika’Angel’ (a vocalist), and together we’ve created the band… it’s Black Poison. We’re starting with punk music like most of the other bands. We play our own songs.

Our first concert is on the 6th of October in Poznan – CK Zamek at 5 p.m.

Now we’re preparing to this event – we’re meeting and doing the rehearsals.

It will be something new for me, cause I’ve never performed on the stage and I’ll be stressed a bit, but I hope I’ll get used to the stage and it’ll be OK.

I invite You to go to CK Zamek on Saturday and take part in the concert!

You can also like us on Facebook:


and see our rehearsal photos and other 🙂



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