The gown (a project)


September 10, 2012 by zssedu

Students from middle school in Poland for 2 years must do a final school project.Now I attend the third class, but the projects are in the end of the second class in our school. The preparations have lasted since October 2011. My class had to divide into a few 3-8 people groups and every team had to find a topic which interested all students in a group.

My team consisted of 3 girls (in consort with me). I don’t know why, but we chose a difficult and entirely different subject, namely we decided to sew a dress. It wasn’t an usual dress – it was a French gown from XVIII century.

We had no idea on the subject of old French clothes, so we had little motivation to come to the extra activities to learn sewing. When we at last started coming, after much strain and extra hours spent at school we have learnt sewing. It’s not as easy as it seems to be …

Our gown had to be similar to this one:

First we sewed a bodice.

In the old days bodices were connect with a kirtle. Women who wore these clothes were permanently deformed.

The next thing we did was sewing a kirtle. It also wasn’t simple, like everything connected with this subject.

Sewing a slip fell to one of my friends …

A coat …

We were so happy when we finished this hard work and we gave acknowledgement to our project supervisor Mrs. Lidia Bąkiewicz.




2 thoughts on “The gown (a project)

  1. This is lovely but that piece of information about the clothes deforming people is incorrect, that is a myth and the image you used was political satire.

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