The Saintbox at Stara Drukarnia

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May 22, 2012 by zssedu

On 13th of April there was a multimedia concert in Poznan. It took place in  Stara Drukarnia near Zwierzyniecka Street at 8 p.m. The concert was organized on the occasion of opening a new hall in Drukarnia Concordia.

This building was built in 1910. Since 2008 the Concordia has belonged to Pro Design which wants to make: a laboratory, a meeting hall, an office space, a technology park and other things there. The renovation started in 2010.

When it comes to the Saintbox …

The band was created by Olo Walicki. He is a Polish jazz bassist. Gaba Kulka is the pianist, vocalist and an author of the lyrics. Macio Moretti is a musician, a composer, an author of the lyrics, too and a multi – instrumentalist. And the last one – Maciek Szupica is in charge of the visual effects.

The Saintbox plays jazz, alternative music and pop in English, German, Latin and in French.

I was at the concert because I wanted to know what kind of music they play and have a knowledge if I like it or not and after this fantastic experience I know, that I don’t like the Saintbox’s music. I prefer faster and more ebullient sounds.

But maybe someone of you will like this kind of music …



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