My attitude to Twilight


May 22, 2012 by zssedu

Repetitively there are some new movies at the cinemas. Some of them are one-offs, I mean for example “Hancock”. There was no second part. But there are also trilogies like “The Lord of the Rings” or sagas like … “Twilight”.


And now I want you to say ’bout my attitude to the last one I mentioned. There is always         a vogue for new teen movies like “High School Musical”, “Hannah Montana”, “Harry Potter” and the others. The vogue for “Twilight” in my hometown started about 3 years ago. Many girls were keen on it. I have never thought that I would see a movie like this, but it happened … I’ve just now finished the first part of the film.


I know that at the moment there aren’t as many teenagers and as a whole – people as a couple of years ago who are interested in this movie. My friends don’t like “Twilight” although they have never watched it, perhaps because of the actors, for example – Robert Pattinson who plays one of the main characters. I didn’t like him or the movie in which he played. I don’t know why. Maybe cause when there is interest in a movie, especially when it comes to teen films – I’m anti. A lot of people are keen on new movies which come to the cinemas, but not I. And it was similar with me and “Twilight”.


Teenagers say ‘I don’t like “Twilight” ‘, but if they didn’t watch that – they haven’t got any knowledge about the film. Of course they don’t have to watch it or like it, but it’s better to know what you are saying 😉 Take for example my cousin – she said ‘I’d rather die than watch this movie’. When she saw and found out what it’s about – she changed her mind.


And now some information of the film. It was directed in 2008 by Catherine Hardwicke. It’s a romantic vampire movie. It’s based on a book by the same title. The book was written by Stephanie Meyer in 2005.


The main characters are Bella and Edward. Isabella Swan comes from Forks in Washington. Her parents divorced and mother moved out to Phoenix and there she found a new husband, but the father stayed in a hometown and didn’t get married. At one time the girl moves in back to Forks and lives there with her father, because the mother wants to travel with her husband. She attends to a new school, makes friends and gets to know with Edward Cullen. He is very strong, fast, his skin is pale and ice-cold, his eyes change color, sometimes he’s talking as though he comes from another age, he never eats or drinks, he doesn’t go out in the sun and he is …     a vampire.


In “Twilight” there are songs by Paramore, Linkin Park, Muse, Perry Farrel and the others. At the beginning the music is really sad and later it changes into very loud rock music. And that’s what I like 😉 In the movie there’s also a ballad which was sung by Robert Pattinson.


Isabella Swan is played by Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen by Robert Pattinson. I was fond of the actors’ performance, because it’s something new for me – it was the first time when I watched a movie ‘bout  vampires.


I think more girls than boys watched “Twilight” because not every boy likes romantic stories, but if you like romantic and fantasy movies about vampires – watch “Twilight” or if you prefer reading – read this book. I heard many times that the book is better than the movie, so I’ll read it soon 🙂



And in the end – remember, first watch a movie or read a book and next criticize and opine 😉



One thought on “My attitude to Twilight

  1. I agree that in principle one should watch the movie or read the book before giving a criticism. However, I’m just opposed to the whole romanticizing of the vampire. To me, vampires are supposed to be cold-hearted killers in fiction. And I know enough about Twilight to know that is not how Edward is portrayed. So, I’ve never seen the movie (or read the book) and I don’t intend to. Perhaps it was done well, but I can’t get enthusiastic enough about it to find out. And besides… it is so much fun to make fun of sparkly vampires. 🙂

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