Carnage – a review.

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April 17, 2012 by mistergag

Last time, I was in cinema on movie “Carnage”. It’s a black comedy directed by Roman Polanski. The screenplay is an adaptation of the play “God of Carnage” by Yasmina Reza. The makers created the perfect comedy. It’s very difficult in our times, because the biggest problem of this film genre is the pathetic and low level of comic quality. But this movie doesn’t have this problem.

The movie tells the story of two couples. They are meeting because of a fight between their sons. At the beginning they simulate well-mannered people, but in fact they are annoyed of gathering. Soon their true nature comes to light. Everyone really shows what they think. It leads to many dramatic and funny moments. I was splitting my sides, when Nancy (played by Kate Winslet) threw the mobile phone of her husband Alan (Chrtistoph Waltz) in a vase with water, because he was talking on the phone whole day. Later Michael (John C. Reilly) – husband of Penelope (Jodie Foster) – is helping Alan in drying it with a hair dryer. And the two women are making fun of them. But it’s not the end. The movie is full of similar unexpected situations. Other advantage of the movie is the actors. I think they perfectly show personality of their characters. Their performances made movie great. Special effects, high budget, epic music etc. weren’t needed. They even didn’t have to leave the house. Only 4 actors were important.

The movie also brings a message. It shows human nature. Often we are also false and we want to be somebody who we really are not. But humanity is also very primitive. Only one cocktail glass can bring directness and lack of culture. So we shouldn’t be false-kind, but really sincere.

I was really enjoying watching “Carnage”. It shows how comedies should be made: good actors and surprising plot. I think other directors should learn from Polanski in this movie.

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