Have You ever tried to ride a bike to school with 10-kilogram school bag ?

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April 5, 2012 by zssedu

The first works to create a bike started in 1490 when Leonardo da Vinci made a plan of a bicycle project. Hundreds of years lasted before this came about:

The modern bicycle

source: Flickr.com

A bike makes our way easier when there are such big traffic jams which make us late to school, work or somewhere else. What’s more, if we cycle we protect our planet against exhaust fumes which come from cars.

Students of our school and many others have got weighty school bags, what’s caused by many lessons and both normal and extracurricular activities. Some of them go to school by car, if they live far from the place where they learn, the others go by tram, bus or … ride a bike. Cycling with a heavy bag could be called a kind of an extreme sports.

To do it you should have a functional equipment and bicycle card. Remember to pack to your rucksack raincoat, lunch and energy drink. Don’t forget your books to school 😉 And the rucksack should have fluorescent elements. During riding to school with a heavy bag you could have your sunglasses if the sun is shinning.

A very important thing is that the cyclist rides a bike with a 10 kilogram bag by safe bicycle ways which are more and more in every town. For example Poznan has got about 100 kilometers of these ways.




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