Galileo is finally rotating!

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November 13, 2011 by zssedu

The European Global Positioning System Galileo, the point of honor of European engineers has finally started. On October 20 -onto the orbit at a distance of about 23 thousand km – two first satellites of the Galileo System were launched. In the future the satellites should number thirty and finally surround the Earth.

The GPS should have been completed in 2008 and then in 2012. Now engineers claim that the most probable date is the year of 2016. We know only that Galileo is going to work and all of the inhabitants of the Earth will use it. But questions about the sense of a European GPS still appear.


For whom Galileo?

Interestingly, even though the system does not work, we can see the first receivers that conform to it on sale already. Galileo is a civilian project which in theory is not intended for military purposes. The system will officially offer five services.



The first is called Open – a free service which looks like American GPS, and is available all over the world for everybody.

The second, PRS (Public Regulated Signal), is created with a view to thinking about the work of civilian services (police, border guards, fire departments), and will not be widely available.

The third service will offer commercial services with a warranty of very precise measurements (mainly for transport firms) and will not be free of charge.

Next service of Galileo is Safety of Life Service, which is going to inform about decreases in specific items. It will have wide application in aircraft and sea transport.

The last service SAR (Search and Rescue Service) is going to be intended for services which saves castaways.


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