Amazing sky in first week of October.

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October 8, 2011 by zssedu

The most attractive, astronomical news of the last week was the pivotal activity of Draconid meteors.

Draconids (GIA) are a swarm of meteors in irregular activity and their radiant is placed close to the dragon’s head in the Draco constellation. The meteors are remnants of the 21P/Giacobini-Zinner comet and we can see their activity when the comet comes in the vicinity of sun.

On 8th October about 8.00 pm. we could see a meteor shower, up to ten meteors per second. Unfortunately the moon which was  90% full interfered with our observations.

            The max of the Draconids has been the biggest incident of its type in the last seven years and has become an inspiration to create the project “Draconids 2011”. The project is aimed at researching the explosion of activity of the Draconid swarm. The scheme was executed by members of Polish Fireball Network.

This is a science association which operates independently and despite of the fact that the members are not qualified astronomers they conduct research on a high level and they release the results in journals.



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