The power of oldies.

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October 7, 2011 by sewagezombie

Do you like music? Don’t you? I like it, but we shouldn’t listen to only few genres. It’s a big mistake.

Certainly you don’t know about it, however if I would ask you, then you, following reflection, could answer my question. The question is “How many songs have you heard or do you know from the ’50s and ’60s?”  I think that a frequent answer could be the bands “The Beatles”, “The Who” or James Brown.
Now, we can’t recognize a simple melody from past years in present songs.  And we should – they’re there. There is another thing. Bands often make covers of old songs. That is their first step to fame.
Now, something about covers. Band like Guns n’ Roses made covers of Bob Dylan’s song “Knockin’ on heaven’s door”. It’s a famous performance of Axl Rose’s band. There is another and it was made by the girlsband ‘Pussycat Dolls’. The song’s name is “Sway” and it is originally by Pablo Bertlan Luiz’s.
The third song is of Nina Simone “Don’t let me be misunderstood” and that song was sung by The Animals and Joe Cocker.
We see that roots are everywhere and without basic knowledge we can’t spring up therefore we have to listen a lot of old music. Undoubtedly, all music has a good influence on us. Just music could be of great help in huge bad situation. Just music.
It’s over. See Ya! And remember , visit us later!



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