The most expensive music videos in the world.

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October 6, 2011 by mistergag

I think we have seen many music videos and we watch them very often. But do we know how much they cost? Here you can read a list of the most expensive and watch them.


10. Celine Dion – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

Costs: $2,300,000

Director: Nigel Dick

Year of Premiere: 1996

The brilliant voice of singer, her looks, a beautiful location and very good ballad – in short, a video with cleverly spent money. The singer and the director made an emotional 6-minute-long video with the most amazing special effects. I think this is one of the best “short movies” for a 90s ballad.

9. Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson – What’s It Gonna Be?!

Costs: $2,400,000

Director: Hype Williams & Busta Rhymes

Year of Premiere: 1999

It’s definitely a wrongly made music video. Most of special effects are lame, Janet looks unnatural, the costumes and hairstyles – tawdry. I’ve watched many older music videos than this and they were better. This is not a good music work to me. It’s typical hip-hop song with a female refrain.  Janet, you shouldn’t be a “rapper’s girl”!

8. MC Hammer – Too Legit to Quit

Costs: $2,500,000

Director: Rupert Wainwright

Year of Premiere: 1992

This video is like a short film. It should be an explosion of dancing, but… I think it could be much better. In addition, the costumes should be different, because these look funny. The special effects aren’t very good, but I must be understanding – it was made 19 years ago. It isn’t a serious video. Just entertainment! The song can be reason of fun.

7. Mariah Carey & Jay-Z – Heartbreaker

Costs: $2,500,000

Director: Bret Ratner

Year of Premiere: 1999

The “Heartbreaker” video is too plastic for me – especially the beginning when the singer dances with other girls and shop assistants. But a few moments are funny. I think it was so expensive because the creators rented a cinema and made cartoon shown there. The song itself is mediocre to me.

6.Puff Daddy (ft. The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes) – Victory

Costs: $2,700,000[

Director: Marcus Nispel

Year of Premiere: 1998

“Victory” is a perfectly made expensive music video.  It’s the reason of the huge costs. I don’t like hip-hop, so I think this song is boring, but video is like a very good action film!

5.Guns N’ Roses – Estranged

Costs: $4,000,000

Director: Andy Morahan

Year of Premiere: 1993

Some people can think that it couldn’t cost so much. But this video contains many short scenes in different places. I think it was hard to film some scenes (for example: on water). It’s brilliant to me and I think song is interesting, too.

4.Madonna – Express Yourself

Costs: $5,000,000

Director: David Fincher

Year of Premiere: 1989

Madonna this time didn’t have make a revolution. She dances in a male suit, but in 1982 Annie Lennox wore a similar costume. I think this song was so expensive, because it was filmed in a factory. I like this song, but I think Madonna used so many changes of voice.

3.Madonna- Bedtime Story

Costs: $5,000,000

Director: Mark Romanek

Year of Premiere: 1995

Is it 1995?! No, it’s a joke. Really, it’s true. Madonna’s music video is amazing. I thought it’s one of her new songs! The Dervish, the singer looking like princess – everything looks beautiful. But it contains one bad thing – the song, which is boring to me.

2.Madonna – Die Another Day

Costs: $6,100,000

Director: Traktor

Year of Premiere: 2002

It was an expensive video because it looks like an action movie. The singer connected it with dancing, which gives an interesting effect. The song comes from a James Bond movie. I think Madonna showed not much talent in this song. Her voice was like a “singing computer”.

1.Micheal Jackson & Janet Jackson – Scream

Costs: $ 7,000,000

Director: Mark Romanek

Year of Premiere: 1995

…and this is the most expensive music video ever. The king of Pop and his sister made an amazing video. It reminds me of science fiction movies and TV series. But they mixed SF with dancing! It looks like it’s the easiest thing in the world – walking on walls or on ceiling and doing other cosmic things. It had to be expensive to create a spaceship with different rooms and long hallways, big screen or destroy electric guitars. The costumes are very interesting, too. I like this song, because it’s catchy. Altogether “Scream” it’s very good outer-space music video.


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