“Drive” – The obvious, unobvious story.

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October 3, 2011 by 5uss

“Drive” – The obvious, unobvious story.

What is the Drive… !?

What, actually, is this film? Something that should last at least twice as long, I think. In spite of that, it is a definitely really good production by Nicolas Winding Refn with great acting, music, a fantastic atmosphere of subtle kitsch from the 80’s and devoid of “pathetic” special effects.  The average popcorn eater will say “Drive” is brutal, annoying, senseless, boring… I’ve got to admit  – when I left the cinema I said exactly that. That’s a purely superficial assessment. The first impression is misleading because “Drive” is a metaphor which we should try to figure out. We have to remember it! Something else… If you think, that “Drive” is telling about exciting chases and tweaked cars you’re wrong.

Who’s the Driver… !?

All the specificity of understanding Driver is how we perceive it. Here it’s especially important. Here the main role is played by emotions and of course the Driver. Who’s the driver? This Driver in the shiny jacket with a scorpion on its back and a toothpick wedged in his lips – is he exactly such as we all see him, or does he, who with irritate perfection hides from us, want to tell us nothing? I haven’t known it yet, but I’d like to tell you one thing. The fair Driver is simply that second one. Of course it is only my opinion, so you don’t have to agree. Interpretation is your own volition. Evidently “Drive” is worth seeing.


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