Internet menace


September 25, 2011 by haydi

When you hear „Internet menace” you immediately think: pedophilia, crooked transactions, RPG addiction or social networks. If a man tells you he is fifteen, in fact he may be a forty-years-old-pedophile. Shopping on the internet may also be quite risky. We know that long hours of playing Role Playing Games, writing or chatting on social networks could make us addicted.

Yes, yes, we know about it perfectly, because everybody talks about it.

But maybe a lot of us are not aware of another, also very common menace.

For example – Facebook. On Facebook, the most famous social network, we share the most detailed facts of our lives, and we are sometimes unaware of it. Facebook is a repository of knowledge about millions of people, which is even used by secret intelligence services (for example in the USA).

Our Facebook profiles show information about our birth date and place, schools, work, our current place of living and members of the family.

Additionally we can write about our religion, political opinions and interests, as: favorite sports, music, books, films, TV programs and leisure activities.

Of course we couldn’t restrict our contacts to Facebook only, so we share our phone numbers, Skype, emails and other communicators, too.

But, ok, this amount of information we can accept as not dangerous (although I think it’s even too much – anybody, even someone who doesn’t know us, knows almost everything about us after seeing our profile).

But if you add that information to all the conversations, photos and comments below them, movies, events, entertainment, questions and things that you like – using Facebook, anybody can find out anything about you.

Actually, you may think you could do without Facebook, not share any information about yourself on the Internet and that will give you peace of mind.

Maybe you can think that if you do not show your information on Facebook or share information about yourself on the Internet you can sleep in peace. No, it is not possible. In the days of the Internet everybody is “shared” to some degree. If your friends take pictures, also with you, available to their friends, and friends of their friends see those pictures in their galleries – you are on the Internet and you can’t do anything about it.

There were situations that people in their childhood and teenage years shared a lot of pictures of their lives, for example from parties. They may forget them and, after some years, they become famous stars. Then, the paparazzi are able to bring many compromising pictures to light and make a scandal of old things.

As you can see, even if you try to keep your personal information secret you are never able to control all of it, so… beware.


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