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June 15, 2011 by mistergag

Recently, one of the most popular artist all over the world – Lady Gaga released her new album “Born This Way”. The authoress of the hits “Poker Face”, “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance” confronted the big challenge of exceling her other music works with a new album. She did it very well. I think that it is even better than the last (“The Fame Monster”). Together with “Born This Way” Lady Gaga changed her style. Her costumes are still extravagant, but now they ceased to be plastic and sweet. Also, the music is changed. Lyrics don’t refer only to parties. Now, the artist sings about important things (for example: tolerance, own opinions and personality). Most of the songs still refer to love like on the last album, but the music has definitely become more advised and coming from the heart.

At the beginning of listening to “Born This Way”, we “meet” a song ideal for opening the album – “Marry The Night”. It’s connection of something like church song with a refrain with fast tempo. The song definitely shows the power of the music that we can listen to on the album. This track – excellent.

The next song is titled “Born This Way”. It’s just fantastic. When I listened to this record for the first time I hummed it almost the whole time. The most beautiful thing is that besides the song is catchy, it is about important things: tolerance and being yourself. The best on the whole album! Many people think that it’s a plagiarism of Madonna’s “Express Yourself”. I think that this claim is immoderate. Some moments are little bit similar to this track, but not so much to be a plagiarism of it.

Amidst the next songs there is “Judas”. At the beginning the song astonished me with its atypical connection of loud verses with light refrain. But later I liked it. “Judas” was the reason of many religion controversies. I think it was the result of analysing only the refrain, not the whole track, because only then it has got a sense.

We can listen also to “Americano”. Some people think that it’s a new version of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”. The track is similar in style, but not much when it comes to melody. I think this song is successful. Certainly both older and younger listeners will be interested in it.

“Hair” is a really wonderful composition. Maybe the words of the refrain can be stupid for many people (“I am my hair”). But they’ve got sense. Gaga shows that they are part of her – define her and give her personality. Furthermore the track sounds very good and it’s similar to “Born This Way”- intelligent lyrics with good melody.

One of the next songs is “Bloody Mary”. It was performed with seriousness, but irrespective it sounds amazing.

There is also the song “Bad Kids”. The track isn’t liked by fans and critics, but I think it’s something amazing. Connection of little bit gloomy verses with sweet refrain.

The composition “Electric Chapel” is also interesting. It’s mysterious, but I like to listen to it. Later I can’t stop singing “Doot doot doo doo” from this song.

I don’t like only one song from “Born This Way”. It’s “Heavy Metal Lover”. In most of the song the artist recites lyrics. Furthermore everything sounds chaotic.

Like always on the albums of Lady Gaga, there is a ballad. This time it’s “Yoü And I” It sounds similar to „Speechless” and „Brown Eyes” from the last album. But this song brings something new. Singer performed it with big power, energy and joy.

The track that closes “Born This Way” is “The Edge Of Gory”. The story of creating this song is incredible. The singer wrote it after the death of her grandfather. This scary event had to inspire her, because it’s wonderful. It closes the album very well and stays in our heads for long time.

I think “Born This Way” is a wonderful album and I think other fans like or will like it. Some people think that from album to album she gets worse and worse. I think that with Lady Gaga is completely different. I like so much one thing – Lady Gaga writes her lyrics alone, because only then they are frank and say what we think. I hope that Lady Gaga will come to our country. It will be big power of music!

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