Music festivals in Poland

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June 14, 2011 by Kuma

In a week, finally, the holidays will start. It doesn’t mean only the end of education but also a lot of interesting events, for example – concerts, festivals etc. In Poland, I guess, we’ve got three main music fetivals we can be proud of, because every year real stars show up and the concerts are more popular and well-judged.

One of these is the Orange Warsaw Festival which will take place this weekend at Legia Stadium in Warsaw, as you can quess. This is the fourth edition of the festival and this year the main stars will be My Chemical Romance and B Plan. The first of them is an alternative rock band, established in 2001, with Gerard Way, the main vocalist. MCR has got four cut albums and nominations to “The best Alternative Band” in 2007 on American Music Awards. Plan B is a British Hip-hop star, whose career started in 2006 but for a long time he just couldn’t get his message through. When he finally did, he shocked everyone with the lyrics of his songs, so different than all those about girls and money and… girls. On the Warsaw stadium we’ll also witness Polish neo-soul band Sistars, Moby, Jamiroquai, The Streets, Skunk Anansie and Michał Szpak, one of the three artists from the finale of polish “X-Factor”. We’ll also see two award winners of Wow! Music Awards – Piotr Lisiecki (from the Polish “Got talent”) and Fox.

The next festival is Heineken Opener, which will happen a week after Orange, on the 30th  of June and continue until the 3rd of July. On the airport in Gdynia-Kosakowo will show up over fifty artists from different countries, representing different music genres. Certainly, the big event will be the British band, playing alternative rock – Coldplay – because it’ll be their first time in Poland. They’ve got some milions albums sold and the voice of the vocalist, Chris Martin, is… well, hypnotising. Another important artist will be Hurts, a British duet that plays synth POP, established in 2009. The vocalist is Theo Hutchcraft and the composer is Adam Anderson. Admittedly, they cut only one album but, for example, their song “Wonderful Life” was on the top of the charts. Except expect to see M.IA; The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, which is beat all the records thanks advertisiment of actually Heineken; The Woombats and a lot of different and the list of them you can find here .

The last festival about which I wanto to say something, is Coke Live Music Festival. I guess currently the most popular in previous years. Last time there were Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars. This year, on the 19th of August, we will hear White Lies, a British trio that plays alternative rock, You me at six and two bands of indie rock – Interpol and The Kooks; and american RAPPER, Kid Cudi. This is all what we know about the event but I’m sure in some weeks we’ll see all the others artists who are coming to Kraków.

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