“Richer in the faith…” – about Lednica 2011

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June 7, 2011 by zssedu

The logo of meetings in Lednica

On 4th June 2011 there was a 15th youth meeting in Lednica. Young people from all over the world were jumping in boiling heat to the melody of “es, yes God”, which was sang in three different languages. The event last from 5 pm to 3 am, but if someone wanted to have a good place to park, should be there about 9 am.

At the beginning everyone was given a key to the “gates of heaven”. Then was a time to confide and a rosary. After a really good fun with dancing and burning in the sun, there was a Mass. It was so many people who wanted to have a communion, that at the end there was no more left and many people weren’t given communion. At 1 am everybody went through the fish-gate and a symbolic pope’s coat. And that was the end of this event. O. Góra a few times asked people to tidy up all the mess, because at 6 am next morning a TV station was going to come and see if it’s really possible to keep such a big place with so many people clean. i don’t know if it worked but I hope so.

Generally everyone had a great fun and I think they will come there next year.


If I had to describe in one word how it was in Lednica, I wouldn’t hestitate to use “hot”. Somebody who was on the Lednica Lands knows it’s almost impossible to find a shade, and it’s hard to persevere to the evening without special emergency blanket, sunblock and water – in almost 40 degrees heat wave.

In this year the plane of meeting was based on reminding some of John Paul II’s words which he was saying to the young people a few years ago in the same place. Idea was pretty good but, unfortunately, word of mouth – worse. I think some of declamations could comment in more interesting way or compress. Because I can’t hide that at the end, when I was laying under the starry sky, I couldn’t control sleepiness.

The climax of the meeting was the Eucharist which was concelebrated by about one and a falf priests. Regardless heat wave, dust and hubbud of people which even during the Mass couldn’t behave well, it was pretty nice… actually, it was beautiful – to be together with thousands of people, singing “Glory to God” and next recive His body in the form of bread.

During the meeting as always were a lot of singsongs and dancing in the Glory of Lord. The ambience I can’t even decribe – the one of kind. On the end was common pass through the Gate of the Third Millennium and homecoming at dawn.

After all I was realy tired but I think it was worth of  coming back renewed and richer… in the faith.


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