Creative Thursday Artist Spotlight: Painter Edyta Cieślak

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June 2, 2011 by zssedu

With a little delay we’ve got pleasure to present Edyta Cieślak, another young artist from our school, with her amaizing pictures. It’s wonderful what you can do thanks just a pencil and some paint. Enjoy!


Name: Edyta













Age: 17









Nickname: don’t have one











Who would you be if you weren’t who you are: I don’t even consider this an option. I have to be myself because I can’t imagine myslef being anyone else.












Words you live by:  “The worst thing you can do is give up.”














People you look up to: It’s hard to choose a single person I look up to. There are so many of them. They’re mostly people who have had an enormous influence on my personality, character and views. I think I could say my mom, my ad, my family, my closest friends and mr. Ryszard Białek.









Your favorite subjects: Hmmm, it’s quite visible. My favorite subject is horses. They appear in all the techniques I’ve studied. The second subject is flowers and plants – especially in watercolor.









What inspires you: Various forms of movement and color, all things large and small, beautiful and happy and those sad and touching, as well.











Things you love: What do I love most? I think the knowledge of how many true friends I have and how many people love me.













Your most prominent pet peeve: My largest pet peeve is other people’s fear of being themselves – they put on masks and pretend someone they are not.












What could you not live without: Of course I cannot imagine living without my family, friends or interests.





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