Let them talk

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June 1, 2011 by Kuma

It’s a little bit late. I’m sitting in my room, trying to learn – of course, as always, fruitfully – and in the background Hugh Laurie’s album is playing.

Usually what happens when some actor wants record an album, is usually sells just because he’s popular or something. Of course, the album can also not sell. Anyway, usually those people can’t even  singing! So I really have no idea why they’re doing this. For money? To be more famous?

But sometimes it also happens that some guy – I mean – actor –can sing  and he can releases an album and he’s doing this not for money but because he likes it and wants to try himself or something like that. And with Laurie it was just like that. Well, actually, I don’t know him and I can’t clearly say about the reasons because of which he decided do this, but… I just hear this. You know, sometimes when you’re listening to some song or watching some movie, you just enjoy it! And when I was listening to Laurie’s album I just felt like that – I was relaxing and playing well. And it’s not just because songs are very nice and light (incidentally – there are the biggest blues hits ever; for example: Lead Belly’s, Robert Johnson’s, Ray Charles’s, Louis Armstrong’s or Fats Waller’s) but also because Hugh… well, he was enjoying it, too. I’m sure.

He’s showing he can not only singing but also play guitar and piano. His voice is so natural, sometimes a little bit throaty but still deep and appealing (as all Laurie) – its just wonderful. Like he’s deceiving us all the time. I can’t call it different – just, when I’m listening to “Let them talk”, time and time again, I find something new in his voice, in those songs, in the sounds of the piano or in the voices of people, who are assisting him (Tom Jones, Irma Thomas, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint). It’s kind of magical.

I’ve never listened to blues but when I heard Laurie released an album I knew I just had to try it myself, not just wait for the reviews of other’s . And I’m not dissapointed.

This music is so relaxing – not soporific but  also not officious – clear sounds, words and melody, nothing hard or tiresome but something thanks to which you can learn or… well, just relax, like I said.

I love music like that. I love when I can identify with the music release – all the album – and I don’t have to change songs all the time because one of them – or more than one – sucks and I can’t stand listening to that. No. “Let them talk” is fifteen of the greatest blues hits ever in a wonderful performance and you can just play this and listen. Listening intently absorbing the voice of the amazing Hugh Laurie.

And thanks he didn’t stop at the role of House M.D…

Because Hugh Laurie is not just House! Serious.

We all should remember about it.

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