The world connects

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May 25, 2011 by 5uss

The World is full of different tastes. People still look for the new things, things which they couldn’t suppose, that will ever be discovered. We need to discover, experience and crave. That’s our natural instinct, something that involves us, but only a few are brave enough to link things which we know individually together. That’s art for true artists.

Ethno and electro. Two completely different genres join in great music. But  the music world known lots of other unique examples. The music scene is extremely varied, but nobody has never joined ethno and electro! That’s something like native Indian music on the Bahamas. Total abstraction. Whatever the likelihood that this would happen, and some Indian came up with an idea to go to the Bahamas. Gooral (Mateusz Górny)  decided to do it with ethno and electro. He is a producer, sound generator and the precursor of combining electro, dubstep and dnb with the music straight from the mountains. And it works. Although he’s just gotten started. “Ethno Electro” that’s his first album, which is really interesting.

Art is much more a matter of connections than the music. Light and dark, ancient and modernity, human and rock… Art in itself that’s the join of architecture, painting and sculpture. We join and admire, put out the desire of linking, create the nature…


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