A night at the museum

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May 17, 2011 by Marcin.Wilczek

With art slowly making its way into the virtual world, it’s hardly a surprise that traditional galleries and museums are seeing less visitors by the minute. Traditional artistic institutions are fighting back with little to no success. There is hope, however, and it comes in the form of so called “Museum Nights” organized each year.

One of these nights took place in Poznan this weekend, and a number of institutions participated, offering free entrance and a plethora of additional attractions. one of these places was the National Museum, which set up themed exhibitions in all of its branches.

The ethnographic branch decided to take its visitors on a trip into the world of Mayan culture. There were live performances, multimedia projections, and free coffee served as the proverbial cherry on top of the cake. Everything here went smoothly, except for the crowds which decided to storm the museum after 8 pm. And even though the line outside of the museum moved smoothly, the inside was so stuffy that even breathing was made difficult.

On the other hand, the main building of the National museum saw a line worthy of a Pink Floyd reunion. The wait to get inside lasted for about 20 minutes, but once you did get in, you were in no way disappointed. Every art-lover found something for himself. If it was paintings you were after, you got a chance to see the museum’s full collection, accompanied by classical music performed on three pianos. There was also a separate section devoted solely to posters – and a jazz trio playing classic pieces by Coltrane, Davis, etc. A must see and must hear for everyone even remotely interested in arts!


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