The Internet – the best way to get fame

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May 15, 2011 by Kuma

What is the best way to get fame? How you can quickly become popular?

The answer is easy – the Internet. Truth be told, recently this is the answer for any human question but about it… maybe later. Because the Internet has become our second, maybe even this main, life; giving us free possibilities, there are no boundaries in this world but if they do show up, we can always find somebody (without moving an inch!) who will bypass them.

A person can be whoever he wants in the virtual world. We stay anonymous so long, as we want to, we create our personality, sometimes also look and everything what is associated with us. We change our wackiness into an asset, create perfect people, our ideals. And not only one ideal. We are as many people as the number of profiles we have on any forum.

And if we only have an idea for ourselves… or, quite contrary – we don’t, and we still want show this lack of talent, then this is probably our first step to fame. Unfortunately, not always talent wins. Usually the biggest pop-stars are the most controversial people, the most laughed at or the most abysmal. People are looking for fodder, looking for punching bags. According to Kuba Wojewódzki’s statement in his program – any toothless two-year-old from Hicksville can treat a world-class star as an equal, and what’s more – drag them through the mud. And that’s why those „the worst” people have got so many plays on Youtube.

For example – Rebecca Black, who within two, three months, became the laughingstock of the whole virtual world.

Her music video “Friday” is one of the 40 movies on which were played over 100 million times. Not important that those thirteen years old girl doesn’t have talent, that out of 3 million votes, over 2 million are negative. Rebecca became the “bad-pop-star” of the Internet.

But virtual reality is more absolute.

A bit different than Rebecca was the situation with Justin Bieber whose one of the first movies, before he got famous, portrayed him singing Justin Timberlake’s covers, was watched by 15 million people and he got only 7 thousands negative votes. But this didn’t mean that things would always will be like that. His biggest, worldwide hit “Baby” (btw. The refrain of “Friday” is confusingly similar to “Baby”) was watched… by half a billion people. And then 600 thousands voted “good” but already 13 million was totaly adverse. About Bieber – I’m not actually sure what happened than he’s so unloved. Jealousy or just pure irritation because of his sweet voice and bloody unfairness than somebody who is less talented than thousands of kids, gets famous and has an easy way to an early retirement.

Some people, because of „fame” take their starring way too seriously. For example – Honey vel. Honorata. Her song „No one” was watched on Youtube by over a billion people but the girl behaves like a real pop-star. On the Internet we can find her photoblog and website on which she shows her private photos, writes about her life, shows her collection of shoes and other clothes. Nothing special, indeed, but we can find also stupid movies on Youtube in which Honey plays the fool and… connoting with antics of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Recently she was called the Polish Rebecca Black. Too sharply? Maybe. But nobody said that cybernauts are friendly, gentle lambs.

There are no problem that young people are trying to put themselves on the map. No – the Internet is for that,for everyone to have a possibility to succeed. No matter – needy or rich, from Africa or America. No. The problem is that on the Internet, there are  different rules than in the normal world. The Internet is like a ring with cruel rules and if somebody doesn’t live by them he’ll be devastated. So the problem is in… people’s mistakes. Cybernauts will pick all mistakes out, every bad look, every laxness. And they’ll do it better than any tabloid.

Despite everything, the Internet isn’t a bad thing. In fact, if somebody doesn’t exist on the Internet, he doesn’t exist in real life, either. It is true that to exist on the Internet falls only for the best, and if somebody wins something like that… they can be really proud of themselves.

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