Theater in the past and today.

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May 14, 2011 by zssedu

A few years ago, before people created cinema, people were willing to go to the theater and wanted to see major performing arts. Today theater has been supplanted by the cinema and other cheap twenty-first century entertainment. I think it was the worst step possible.

Some times ago people go to the theater for … ?

I think they went there for good entertainment, to meet new people and develop their relationships. Theater was universal for most social class. When people went to the theater they dressed smartly and they knew how to behave. In my opinion, people then were better behaved and showed that attitude.

Theatre today.

Now people think that theater isn’t for young people. They think that everything which has got its own long story must be boring and uninteresting. It is a very big problem in their thinking. Theater has given rise to many art. Today people know little of the theater and its activity. It is sad because this is very hard work but few people can appreciate this.  This makes the theater close to collapse but I hope that the next generation will help it survive.


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