What goes around, comes around

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May 11, 2011 by Marcin.Wilczek

A great man (whose name manages to escape me at the moment) once said that nothing is really original, and everything created now is an imitation of something that was created in the past. Nowhere is this trend nearly as visible as in the world of fashion, where trends seem to repeat themselves year after year and decade after decade. And just to prove my point – here are  few examples…


The RayBan Wayfarer/Aviator

image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Both models seem to be enjoying a renaissance in popularity these days, and both seem to be timeless fashion icons. What both also have in common, apart from their producer, is their legendary connection to popular culture icons – aviators were the eyewear of choice of among others, American writer Hunter Thompson, while Wayfarers skyrocketed to popularity thanks to Jim Belushi’s and Dan Aykroyd’s patronage in the iconic classic “the Blues Brothers”. Plus, both models seem to be popular among the clandestine crowd, to such an extent that the Wayfarers’ thick plastic frame served as storage for various more or less lethal substances for more than one CIA agent.

The Vinyl  Record

image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Not so long ago it seemed that any type of music storage other than digital was on its way out. Apple’s successful itunes business model and the even more successful, yet less legal, idea of sharing mp3 files by means of various online protocols had their way with the audio cassette and have done a good job at bringing the CD to the verge of extinction. There is one element that has not cowered in the face of this danger. It has actually flourished once more. It’s black, it’s big and it’s extremely fragile. Yet when it comes to the quality of the sound it carries, modern technology and digitalization still seem light years behind. And this is even noticed by the youngest generations. Ladies and gentlemen – long live the vinyl record!


image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Whether you’re into photography or not you will definitely notice the rise in unprofessional-looking photographs used virtually everywhere, from corporate advertisements to Facebook profiles. All of them are in one way or another technically flawed, and still manage to capture the attention of the viewer. All of them are the result, intended or not of a certain fashion in photography which aims at deliberately using inferior equipment in order to focus more on what you’re shooting and not how you’re doing it. LOMOgraphy has been around ever since the original LOMO cameras came out in the USSR in the 1980s. Then they were a necessity, now, an excellent means of expression.


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