And we’re back – to start anew!

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May 9, 2011 by zssedu

This last week has been quite hectic for all of us here in the ZSSedu team – first, for the majority of us there were exams, then a team of gremlins stole data off of our computers and tried to sell it on a craiglist listing, and to top things off, our computers simultaneously decided to spontaneously combust. As a result we were left with little more than some old Singer typewriters connected to 28800 kbps steam-operated modems to make use of the information Superhighway. And we gotta tell you – printing jpegs from wikipedia on one of those is NOT a walk in the park. Luckily, we’ve managed to scare the gremlins into peacefully returning our data by threatening them with David Caruso one-liners and succeeded in extinguishing our prized uber-calculators without getting one single drop of water onto the most important components, thus allowing for our safe return to this site. We’d like to say this won’t happen again (but DO keep those fingers crossed), but, with summer ahead of us and gremlins gathering reinforcements we are in for one shaky ride. That said, if you’re into intellectual rollercoasters and cliffhanger beginnings stay tuned! More is definitely to come (sooner or later).

-the ZSSedu Team


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