Factual thinking of the Easter

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April 22, 2011 by 5uss

Any celebration ends for lots of us on what’s in our opinion necessary. We think of Easter celebration as a compulsion to go to sacrifice foods. Indeed it’s not proper to not be there on Great Saturday. I don’t think in any case that’s bad tradition but in Poland more and more people forget what Easter is about and faith goes to the background. Because it’s problematic, uncomfortable. The world is under constant pressure of temptations and we stop believing…

Nowadays Easter is simply a time to relax and escape from the murderous pace of everydaylife . Family moments at eastern sausage. Maybe a short trip outside the city. But what then? Do we see any changes?   No! Life goes on, time passes, although we know that this should be a special time and we have to remember that Easter is the most important celebration in year. We perceive its factual meaning, as well, but we don’t want to have the time for true Easter. It’s really annoying when we try to follow the others, and we choose that trashy marketing version, which the world pushes onto us. Trinkets, bunnies, eggs… That’s great business and we unwittingly buy it.


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