Differences between Easter and Christmas

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April 20, 2011 by Kuma

Easter is such a different holiday than Christmas – not only because of its general sense but also because of way of spending it and over it by people. It seems that Easter isn’t so popular like Christmas even if it shouldn’t be like this, because – for Christians – Easter is almost more important. We can observe this almost everywhere. When Christmas is coming  windows display shining fairy lights, everywhere we see Christmas trees and Santa Clauses in galeries, asking children about their dream presents. Xmas has got some kind of commercial symbols, not only those obvious like gingerbreads, Santa Claus, Christmas tree etc., but also something like the song ‘Last Christmas’ or the advertisement of coca-cola… actually… trucks with coca-cola. Or the movie ‘Home alone’! Even if all of this is so trite it’s still some kind of symbol.

And Easter…? I’m trying find something like this and I really can’t! Easter bunny – no. Easter eggs – no, it’s obvious.  The blessed baskets – no, it’s tradition. Even on TV it’s hard to find something more festive than chicks running through the screen. Great, indeed. Or maybe something with spring? No. Okay, we can associate Easter with spring so everything that grows up in spring – for example catkins – automatically associates with this holiday. But it’s still not like ‘Last Christmas’!.

But – why? Why doesn’t Easter have some commercial symbols? Maybe because Easter goes ahead actually in spring, time of first heats, time of last days in school, so time of hard work, time of thinking about holidays, putting aside money for this… Maybe those are the reasons why Easter isn’t as popular as Christmas? Like my mum said ‘During Christmas, in winter, when days are shorter and evenings come earlier, when we can’t spend our time outside we are almost bludgeon to sit at home, care about the adornment of the Christmas table and other things’. And I think it’s true. Christmas is almost the end of the year, so close to New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s got any entanglement, too? It’s more winged and, especially, commoner. What do I mean? Christmas is a Christian holiday so, in fact, non-believers shouldn’t attend. Of course it’s not possible to do but it’s got some sense, because all of this is centred in the same time and in some way combines. Seems that in spring we’ve got less time for ourselves and nobody thinks about another holidays, other presents, another build-up can be just too tiring for us and not as important like our daily matters.

I don’t know if I’m right, or these arguments are true but I know one thing – Easter, even if it should be more important, is almost unsung. To boot, also because of reason of this holiday. Death. No, I didn’t forget about the Resurrection. But, in fact, for non-believers this is not attractive, this is not something from which they could make great money or something. Xmas – all right, but not the too serious Easter.

We of course can’t forget about one thing – even if something isn’t so attractive, for us it still is one of the most important thing.


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