Trends in our school


April 15, 2011 by Kuma

As in any environment, so in our school, we can usually observe kinds of phases in some trends, which conquer the minds of not only ZSS students but also those non-ZSS. I’m walking in school, watching and asking but – unfortunately – I can’t at this moment observe anything spectacular, which would suddenly be worn by half of the people (especially girls) in our school.

For example, two years ago everyone was wearing arafats in different colours. It would have been nice if they knew what they meant, where they came from. But it’s rather the subject of another article. The next phase descended in the form of the winter fashion to wear Emu boots for girls. Last summer colourful sneakers were the hit. Just boys seem resistant to all trends. I’m interested is this good – because they have their own private style and they aren’t afraid to be different in this way? – or bad, because they are totally ignorant?

I’m sure, that when it gets colder, everyone – without exception – will be able to observe crowds of schoolgirls in our school, parading in the most ashionable creations of this season, about which you can read in Bonbon’s article and I will write about it in the next journal.

But for now I have decided write about school uniforms. Not only in our school but also in other facilities – in Poland and abroad. We’re griping at our uniforms but, trust me, other students have it worse! I would like present You with a list, in my opinion, of the worst school uniforms in the world!


2 thoughts on “Trends in our school

  1. anonymous says:

    I can’t believe people are made to wear such monstrosities!

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