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April 13, 2011 by zssedu

„During the long years of his reign Rhobar II managed to defeat all the enemies of the kingdom except for one… The war with the orcs was extremely expensive and its price was suffered by a small group of convicts.The King’s armies needed swords and shields , so soon every offender regardless of their transgression was forced to work in the ore mines of Khorinis. To prevent escapes the king sent his mightiest wizards to surround the entire valley with a Magic Barrier … And I was one of them.

Suddenly, something disrupted the delicate structure of the spell I…was trapped by my own work.Prisoners used the moment of consternation quickly. Khorinis along with all of its mines was in the hands of prisoners. The king had no choice but to negotiate, he needed the ore. Month after month the king of the prisoners delivered everything we needed, month after month he received from them in exchange for a new load of valuable ore.Until today, brought to the brink of the cliff another prisoner, he did not knowwhat to expect, and it was he who had everything to change …”

Welcome to the Colony…
In 2001, the German manufacturer Piranha Bytes’ debuted on the market for computer games with Gothic, which became an absolute best-seller when it comes to what hooked RPG company in the world market.

Gothic, one of the most iconic RPGs in history starts with the nameless hero’s adventure beginning when he is exiled to the penal colony known as the Mining Valley. From the beginning, we have nothing, but soon we find our first sword, and find our destiny. We can choose the path of the old and the new camp and the camp brotherhood, we can be great or poor, a respected tycoon adventurer, mage, or warrior, and a temple guardian, or guru.

Although the graphics may be a deterrent the plot belongs to the elite.Piercing through hordes of orcs, ancient temples, never discovered caves and ancient tombs causes both fear, anxiety and satisfaction, as well as sympathy for the characters to help you in the transient stages of the game and hatred of their enemies.

Personally, we’re fascinated by this game. We’ve passed it several times already trying to getting other solutions, discovering the unknown secrets of the game. We believe that everyone who likes the genre should sitdown and try his luck in the first part of Gothic.

-ig & ma


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