Comment on ‘Everyone knows what happened…?’


April 11, 2011 by Marcin.Wilczek

I could not leave the post below without comment, as it was a difficult decision wether to publish it or not. After all, strong opinions tend to evoke even stronger emotions, and in the case of a school newspaper turned website they can and sometimes do wake a storm.

Yet, I find it hard not to agree with the author, on the fact that the way this cataclysm is treated has done more bad than good. And I also agree that a vast majority of our, Polish, politicians (on  both sides of the barricade) have done a pretty successful job with turning a national tragedy into an unbearable spectacle. And yes, I can agree with the statement that being witness to such heinous actions can emotionally scar any normally thinking person.

What we have seen for the past twelve months on the political scene cannot be labeled as anything other than gross cynicism, performed on a nation with little or no anesthesia. On the one side we have a grief-strucken political leader, who labels himself as Christian,  openly manipulates the emotions of those around him, inciting hatred and openly disobeying the second most important Christian commandment of ‘loving thy neighbor’. On the other, a government which seems to be doing nothing to establish even the most minute of facts. And both sides are going at it as if they were prizefighters in a championship bout. Definitely not a good performance for a mourning.

Now, I hate to strike the authoritative post, but in times like this, when a nation is struck by tragedy, said nation should put away their petty conflicts and focus on those we’ve lost and on the ways we can make sure a cataclysm of these proportions does not happen again. Not waste the time, effort and candid emotions of millions on discussing background issues.We’ve lost too many good men and women in that fatal flight, and now, as the prior post shows, we’re losing them and their willpower because of our trivial quarrels.

I know none of the key players in the political conflict are going to read this piece, but still I’d like to appeal to their sense of duty. Instead of continuing in this display of outright cynicism and losing another generation to nihilism, come to some sense! Do not trample everything that’s Holy on your way to the political post. Show some fortitude, and in times of grief, grieve. Set an example to the people who will someday replace you. As countless examples show it’s never too late to repent…



One thought on “Comment on ‘Everyone knows what happened…?’

  1. Kuma says:

    it’s never too late to repent…

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