Everyone knows what happened…?


April 10, 2011 by Kuma

I’m one of those 60% of Poles that spent Sunday’s anniversary watching TV. And I don’t feel bad because of this. Maybe I should because sitting between the computer and TV while the families of victims are laying flowers at cemeteries and other places but… It’s cruel, I know, but because of all this conflict, bad words and allegations, as well as unexplained things I feel almost nothing.

The sadness and pity after the disaster are gone – now it’s only disgusting and… well – I guess nothing. The real feelings, pure feelings which we should feel dissappeared with first steps of the political games, which our politicians have been playing until today.

Now, one year after the disaster, it seems like nothing has changed and also – everything has changed. ‘Cause Poland doesn’t look at Russia as an ally anymore, ‘cause Poland isn’t united anymore, ‘cause we’re more segmented than before the disaster.

I can’t stand watching Kaczyński talk  about “free Poland”, using words like “unity” or “truth” or “good” or “God” to people, who’ve got flags with John Paul II and others… with banners like “Assassination” or “Everyone know what it was – assassination” or “1940 – 2010 – Genocide” with faces of Stalin and Putin. For me – it’s pathetic. Okay, they want truth and so do I, but they’re doing this in such a gross way that they discourage me.

I don’t understand the Russians in this case and I think nobody does. Is this just a game, are they playing, claiming our plaque, not allowing us near the proceedings or giving only some of thems? Or maybe they just don’t know what they should do? No, I don’t think so. I think that Russia is too powerful to be scared of little country like Poland so they can even play with us, making this strange, horrible aimbience of secrets, questions – assassination or not? They did something or have they just helped us?

It’s crazy. Crazy, cruel and unbelievable.

I guess, there’s no golden mean. Tusk was trying trust Russians but he gave up. Kaczyński wasn’t trying trust Russians and, contrarily, he doesn’t give up. But what is the best? Saying loudly that we don’t believe him? Or to risk and showing our sourness in such a tactless way? Or let Russians do anything they want and wait for next events?

Neither one nor the other.

This has been so for the last few days. Now Kaczyński is staying with his perspective, Komorowski doesn’t agree with changing the plaque – and in this way he’s showing that Poles aren’t stupid, that we see what is happening – Tusk is saying that he has never believed in Russians’s objectivity and…

And what with us?

What do we expect? What do we think about it?


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