Whose line is it anyway (class edition – part 2)

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April 9, 2011 by mistergag

The teacher wants to show his pupils a movie and asks the class:

-We have a problem! Can I turn on speakers if there is no internet?



One of the pupils is using a mobile phone during the lesson. The teacher takes it for punishment.

-What were you doing with the mobile phone?

-I was writing a text message.

-Your parents can get in the school office. They will be very angry. I’m curious… Who were you texting?

-My mommy.



Teacher is explaining the subject of the lesson to his pupils. At the end she asks:

-Who doesn’t understand it?

One person puts his hand up:

-I don’t understand it.

-Attaboy! You get one point!



Teacher is leading a lesson. Suddenly one pupil takes off his shoes and begins taking off his socks. The teacher looks and says:

-Yyy… Could you put on your shoes? I don’t want to watch your feet.



It’s a lesson about book “The Little Prince”. Teacher ask one girl:

-What do you think about this reading?

Pupil is saying (pronounce as: isn’t saying):

She has got a closed mouth. It looks like a line on her face.

After  a few minutes of silence, the teacher says to himself:

-This will go very wrong. I will ask another pupil.



After solving a crossword, the teacher asks one of the pupils what the final word – Iceland, means.


-Oh. You don’t remember. With what do you associate it with. You can guess.

-It’s.. the plane that lands on ice.



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