Books are for nerds?

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April 9, 2011 by gemmeii

Recently I met a girl and I asked her what kind of books she reads.  Her answer shocked me: ‘Books? Are you kidding me? They suck and they’re boring. They are for nerds’

In our century we have many problems with “not reading teens”. According to a 2010 report in our country, 62% of Poles didn’t even open a single book in the past year! This is terrible. I cannot imagine my life without books. They are everything to me, because in no time I can be taken into a different world, full of fantasy, mystic creatures, heroes and secrets. I can break away from my problems, from my life, from my (sometimes) grey reality. I and my hero who, for these short moments, becomes my friend, explore together a new world inhabited by a different concept of evil and beauty. We step together through the author’s world and unravel the mysteries of this wonderful mystic life.

Today we have many problems and I really cannot understand why young people don’t take a book to be away from them. They would rather go on Facebook and write stupid posts, complaining about their lives. I understand that sometimes the problems we face are so enormous (for us) that we cannot find a way out. Running away from problems into “the world of books” may not be the best solution, but certainly much better than “hiding yourself” in alcohol and drugs. Maybe the hero will be have this same problem as we? I know that this can sounds very funny but this is truth!

Our life has become more and more hectic and we cannot find a moment to reach for a short tale which may take us away from our everyday routines and help us not get into any problems. Often, the reason why we don’t read books is spending our time in front of a computer or a television. And this is very sad for me. Books have many advantages: they arouse our imagination, improve grammar and expand vocabulary, improve memory, educate us and sometimes help us relieve tension. They are also a very good topic for talking. So maybe this is why we go backwards and become more and more insensitive and our language limited. We search for another way to study, to develop, but I think, books are indispensable, we cannot watch a film and say that we know the book it was based on. Often we use ebooks and audiobooks, so we can listen but we cannot read. And this is why we should reach for literature to be able to appreciate the written word.

Nowadays kids are forced to read something in or for school, but no one can force adults to reach for a book in their leisure time. Because of that someone came up with The World Book Day. The first Book Day was celebrated in 1995 and it is aimed to discover how fantastic reading can be. In Poland we have celebrated this day since 2007, and all the time attractions are added. I think people in UK celebrate this day in the best way, because on this day children are given World Book Day Book Tokens which they can change for any book they want in any bookstore. I wish it would soon be celebrated this way here.

Remember that it is not important how, what, when you read, the important thing is that counts is that you reach for any written word.


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