The Poznań Motor Fair.

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April 6, 2011 by zssedu

On March 20th I went to the Poznań Motor Fair – the biggest show of its kind in Poland. The biggest and most important corporations present their products here. And there is a lot to see…

Poznan’s inhabitants could see the rarest cars, quads, and motors. The first hall of the Poznan International Fair building was dedicated to historic cars. Some were beautiful and some were ugly. Presented were:

the ’65 ZIL 111D cabrio

the Simca Bertone

-the VW transporter

-the BMW 302

During the fair Porsche presented an upgraded Panamera and the 911 turbo, while Bentley premiered the Continental Supersport Convertible, a very fast car which set the speed record on ice @ 331 kph. I also saw the Masonry Cyrus Maserati, which I like. BMW presented the X6 and its premium selection and Mini hung a car from the ceiling. Mercedes presented its sports models in the company of beautiful girls.

All in all, I enjoyed the show a lot, even though I do not like old cars.



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