Morgan Motors Company – what passion can promise and the work of hands can guarantee.

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April 6, 2011 by 5uss

How it goes.

British manufactures – several talented enthusiasts in a backyard garage with high hopes and even more ideas for success. This is how it usually begins, and the result is almost always surprising.

But Britons love motoring. Morgan Motors Company is a perfect example for the essence of crafting cars with soul. The manufacture which started out building three-wheelers, is now making unique and timeless cars. A Hundred years of tradition, unusual precision and secrets handed down from generation to generation have made each of their vehicles a unique work of art.

Classic sports combo.

Classic and elegance closed in super sports body, with an engine straight from the BMW stable. The effects are really fantastic. They still use wooden frames, what’s not found anywhere else nowadays! Although that factory has great traditions, it mostly employs young talented designers. People who still want to do great things and strive to perfection, changing history, creating something new. That’s the simplest way to success. Passion, imagination and an ideal. All that you want eclosed in your own Morgan.


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