Zuza’s little dog foundation


April 5, 2011 by zssedu

Some months ago I was looking for some form of job. I wasn’t thinking that I need to get a salary or be passionate about it. I became a volunteer, but it was for only one day.

Nevertheless, I began to like it. My mother works in a kindergarten and there are many children with different illnesses there. In kindergarten they have a therapy with dogs. My mum told me to go and try and I did.

The first meeting was in the foundation headquarters. There wasn’t anyone I knew there, but very quickly I got to know all the people that work for the foundation. There are people who have dogs, many who haven’t got a dog, but everybody is needed.

From this meeting I have stood a volunteer with the Zuza’s Little Dog Foundation. Three weeks before the meeting I was asked if I want to the work with children and dogs. After my first classes I was very stressed and I didn’t know what I will do. The first lesson was with a great dog named Axel, his guide and a boy who has got Asperger Syndrome. It was the first and most difficult lesson in my life. I knew nothing,  but somebody gave me a dog and said what I must know. By now I have had about 20 lessons with dogs, children and many regarding the training of dogs, but today I can’t imagine what my life would look like without the foundation. All my free time I spend in the foundation and do many important things. I make leaflets about the foundation, get many lessons which expand my knowledge and everything gives me  a lot of joy and fun.

I don’t get any money for this job, but I couldn’t take any money for this job. I do this to do something good for children who can’t live normally, rarely do their parents have money for treating their illness. Today I’m thinking about buying a dog, but I haven’t money, some day I will buy a dog and we (me and dog) will be great in ours job, which is so important for many people who can’t live a normal life.

by zd


2 thoughts on “Zuza’s little dog foundation

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  2. ILVU says:

    It’s good to know that people like Her are somewhere around us. They’re closer than we think. We don’t even realize how important their job, or I should say passion is. Thanks to them human race is still noble to be called homo “sapiens” not “consumus”. But what counts is, that She doesn’t only stop on talking and writing about help, She actually helps, intending Her precious time, making people want smile and laugh. When I’m becoming lazybones, I always have her on my mind, thinking of her makes me wanna take even hardest challenges. It’s amazing how much heat she can pour into your with just one smile.

    I’ve meet Her once, once I’ll remember forever. Now I hope she’ll allow me to meet her again. Since ever I’ve been wondering where the women like Her had hidden. Now that i know, I’m scared that she’s to precious, to delicate and to hard to appreciate for me. I hope one day I’ll be able to make a clean breast upon her, and tell how much she means to me. I’ve never wanted to be a unnecessary weight, I always hoped she’ll be happy, she”ll have smile upon her little face. I believe one day it’ll happen.

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