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March 27, 2011 by Kuma

Everyone needs faith. Faith in something. Not always in something specified clearly but it’s impossible to believe in nothing. Even if we don’t say it loud, every human believes in something. We can believe in God, while others can believe in the power of money, in people, in the might of logic and the human mind.

Faith in God (no matter which religion) is probably one of the hardest faiths. It enforces on us certain strict rules – precepts, suppressions – which we have to follow. It penetrates a lot of human life zones and we can’t ignore this. But we still believe. Some people thinks that faith in gods is just an expression of the human need of awareness that we’re not alone, that somebody is above us, that somebody cares and loves us; that even if all around us is there is nobody, God is still beside us and won’t leave.

It’s all about the need for responsibility – but not ours; someone else’s responsibility. We need to shift responsibility onto somebody and God becomes the perfect person. This is usually the case with beginning believers when they need something – solace, help or anything else. Lots of people, consider God a ‘device’ to fulfill their whims. Of course this doesn’t mean that it works.

Some people claim that they don’t need God – some of theme because they don’t want be like Christians, and others just don’t believe and won’t do this. Christian’s rules can seem harsh. But the fact that that they don’t believe in God doesn’t make them believers in nothing. Sometimes God is just too unworldly and impalpable for them to understand Him and trust.

People are also afraid to trust one another, too. They prefer to trust in science or logic, because there’s nothing not to believe in because we can prove almost everything in Math, by operations etc. Trust in people, whose weakness we see almost all the time, isn’t what we want. Science is clear and logical – we can believe in its power, thanks to which people can get almost anything. Equally, it doesn’t bind us with so many rules and boundaries like religion. It’s only boundaries are individual morality and available funds.

People often just rely on themselves and trust only themselves. They’re almost self-sufficient. They believe that they can attain more alone. Of course it’s a very good attitude ‘cause without confidence and faith in our possibilities we’ll attain nothing. But if this idea changes into something more, a near obsession, that only we can help ourselves, and we don’t allow anyone near – it’ll finish really wrong. All right, sometimes it is good to do things alone but we have to know the boundaries and remember that not in everything we can do something alone.

I guess faith in material wealth is as popular as the notions I have described earlier. But usually we don’t talk about it loud. Seems that if someone believes in the potency of money it shouldn’t surprise anyone ‘cause we know that in the present world without money we’ll do nothing. But this idea often goes somewhere deeper and is interpreted only in a negative way. And, okay, it’s not simple to find a boundary.

We can believe in the might of money and thanks this we can get almost everything – at least in the material world. We live in times when money is some kind of determinant . Without it we don’t really exist – what, of course, doesn’t say anything good about us and the present world. But the faith in the power of money gives us some aims in life…

Because, I think, aims are impossibly important. A while ago I read that believers (in some religion) feel that, thanks to it, they got some aim in their lives, they realized that this everything, their life, has got some sense. As opposed to atheists. I don’t agree with this ‘cause, looking at my examples, everyone acquires some aim for themselves, every ‘faith in something’ – no matter if this is religion or science, people – gives us some aims and priorities. For someone who believes in the potency of science and logic a certainly very important thing is probing, discovering new elements. For someone who believes in himself, in his competitions, very important is cultivating himself. For people who believe in God, the will live in accordance with The Commandments, is the best – in a way which He showed us. Those who believe in the might of money will be fattening and amending those lives, investing to not lose those money.

And probably we can’t call anyone a ‘non-believer’, unless we call them so only with regard to God. ‘Cause everyone believes in something. Everyone lives trying to agree with what they believes.

The real question is – what happens after a life like this?

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