Creative Thursday Artist Spotlight: Photographer Miłosz Kosicki

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March 24, 2011 by zssedu

Every Thursday we will highlight one of our schoolmates, whose artistic talent is either locally discovered, or undiscovered at all. Each artist will fill out a questionnaire, loosely based on one filled out by Marcel Proust.  Our artist of the week this week is Miłosz Kosicki…

Miłosz is a photographer, whose passion has already been showcased on our school’s website. In addition to photographing school functions, Miłosz also likes to capture the more minute details of everyday life.


Name: Miłosz





Age: 17




Nickname: Kosa





Who would you be if you weren’t who you are: a Bird



Your motto: “Live, as if each day were your last.”




People you look up to: John Paul II, Scott Kelby (photowise)




What inspires you: My own imagination, but also the work of other photograpers



Your favorite techniques: Macro, as well as landscape and animal photography





Things/people you love: Jesus, my family, the environment, taking photos and editing them :]







What is your most prominent pet peeve: “The indifference of good men”




What could you NOT live without: a camera, music, friends.













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