Truancy – what’s actually cool in it?

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March 22, 2011 by 5uss

Truancy – what’s actually cool in it?

When you hear 21-th you automatically think “Wag day”. All of your friends try to urge  you , but they mostly don’t go as well. You  can’t go, but apparently you need it, you want it. Your parents say no! Teachers say no! Everyone will tell you that truancy is very, very bad. How couldn’t you listen to them. Gordian knot.

But what makes it so appealing? Maybe it’s the great adrenaline and satisfaction from the sin. You break the lessons, you feel freedom, you do what you want and nobody knows where you are. That’s very, very bad, but must admit that it is a fantastic, inner sense of little, happy baby.

Unlikely if you would go, you couldn’t be an idiot. The police is standing on every corner, and the only feasible and correct solution is to escape. How could they catch you, if you weren’t there. Officially of course. Then, you would listen to your mother  repeat weeks on end “ Didn’t I tell you? You are a bad child!”. It’s terrible feeling when your mother is right.



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