The cursed picture

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March 16, 2011 by gemmeii

I think everyone knows Oscar Wilde due to his brilliant novel about moral abjection. The book I am talking about is “Picture of Dorian Gray”. It is a story about a young man called Dorian Gray. I would like to encourage you to read it.

Everything starts on the day, when Lord Henry Wotton sees the Basil Hallward picture of good-looking young man. This man is Dorian Gray. Henry wants to meet him. They meet a few days later and during their walk in the garden they express a wish which will be detrimental in the lives of both: “Ah, how lucky you are to be so young. There is nothing in the world as important as youth! But time is your enemy.” said Lord to Dorian. They go inside to admire the painting and Dorian says: “ I wish I could always stay young and the picture could grow old. Oh, why did you paint this picture, Basil? Why should it stay young while I grow old? I wish the picture could change, and I could stay as I am.” And that is moment he signs his life to the devil.

A few days later he meets a Sybil Vane, an actress, who performs Shakespeare in a theatre. He falls in love with her and tells her that he wants to marry her. He does not tell his name, so she calls him Prince Charming. Only Sybil’s brother, a sailor worries about that and says to Dorian that if he harms his sister he will kill him.

One day, he takes his friend to Sybil’s performance, where she acts as Juliet. Unfortunately, she performs badly and after her performance she says to the angry and disappointed Dorian: “But how can I pretend to be Juliet now that I know what real love is?” He answers that he has loved her only because she has been a good actress and now he does not love her. When he returns home he sees that somehow his portrait has changed – his face has a very cruel smile. The next day he wants to apologize to Sybil but she has already killed herself by the time he arrives. Lord Henry Wotton, who becomes his friend says that this is not his fault and anyway he could not marry her because she was only an actress. The face in the picture becomes more and more cruel, uglier and older.

He gets on with his life and enjoys all the pleasures it brings, he is a beautiful man with an ugly soul.  One day the man who painted the picture comes to see him, because people are saying terrible things about Dorian.  Prince Charming decides to tell Basil about his secret. The artist is terrified when he sees the picture. He is beseeching Dorian to change. But he does not listen to him, he kills his best friend.

The next day in a bar when he is talking to women who call him Prince Charming, the same way Sybil was, a sailor hears his nickname and realize that he is the murderer of his sister. But  Prince charming is a very young person and he cannot be Sybil’s love. Then a woman in a bar tells the sailor that Dorian has not changed in years.

A week later Dorian goes shooting with his friends and he is being followed by Sybil’s brother. During the hunt one of bullets kills the sailor.

From this moment Dorian wants to change and when he sees his portrait with an ugly and horrible face he decides to destroy it. He takes a knife and stabs the painting. When the servants enter the room and see the portrait of Dorian Gray as a young, handsome man and on the floor a dead man with a knife in his heart. This Prince Charming was old, ugly and horrible.


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