Finally, a film we can be proud of

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March 16, 2011 by Kuma

‘Sala samobójców’ is one of the few polish films that we can be proud of and which we can show the whole world ‘cause it isn’t about our country’s history, which isn’t usually easy to understand for foreigners. This film describes our real life – ours, means all present day teenagers, living in the era of the Internet.

Dominik (Jakub Gierszał) will be graduating high school this year. His father (Krzysztof Pieczyński) is a minister,and the boy doesn’t have brothers or sisters. But he’s got everything else – from a laptop with Internet to a private chauffeur. But… no, he doesn’t have his parents’ attention because they care so much about themselves and their careers, that they doesn’t see anything else – even their own son. Even when Dominik gets injured they really don’t care about it, no-one stays with him – they still only think about their agenda (mother – Agata Kulesza).

And then Dominik meets Sylwia, the girl with pink hair,  who has already existed in the virtual world for three years. But this existence is not just Facebook. She almost lives there, doesn’t leave her house. She’s the founder of ‘Sala samobójców’, a place in which young people meet and gear up to… commit suicide. Dominik blends in quickly because the only thing he wants is people’s attention and acceptance. At home nobody cares about him, in school – people laugh at his sexual orientation. And suddenly he find acceptance– in the form of Sylwia and her ‘Sala samobójców’ – people who care, people who ‘understand him’. Of course this is not true because throughout the whole film we can see that indeed Dominik doesn’t agree with this all. But perhaps the chimerical feeling of his own family, friends is too wonderful for him to just leave behind.

Jakub Gierszał showed real class – the lost bumbling young guy is presented very well I saw him in ‘Wszystko, co kocham’ but there he wasn’t the main protagonist, in such an expressive character as here, so we can’t collate these two films.

I know that a lot of people just don’t understand it. Especially the older generation, which didn’t grow up in the era of the Internet. For them this film will either be scary (because they’ll know how we are, present teenagers) or completely incomprehensible. And overdrawn. ‘Cause – yes – this film touches a lot of different plots and problems can make the impression of being overdrawn but they’re so polished that… it isn’t really a problem.

But… in fact – this film is just about them…. and us. About present teenagers, trying to find themselves in the world…

Not always in the real one.


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