The world according to Jeremy Clarkson – humor, nonsense and life

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March 9, 2011 by 5uss

Jeremy Clarkson is known from the unique TV program “Top Gear”. The British automotive journalist has an unusual personality with a bold point of view on the world and a specific sense of humor, often devoid of any political correctness. He has mastered a sense of distinct irony and exposing all the nonsenses and defects of today’s world, but he also one of the best automotive revivers. “The world according to Jeremy Clarkson” is a series of his essays, usually describing interesting incidents straight from his colorful life. The book presents the world from the perspective of a person bored by the senseless and strange aspects of reality. When you read that book, you can reflect on whether the author is normal. What is he actually writing about? Probably it’s a book just about everything, because we can inquire on, for example, why it’s not worth to be an millionaire or  how to hunt on foxes using Soviet night vision. “The world according to Jeremy Clarkson” – that’s the best way to de-stress.

The best phrases by Jeremy Clarkson :

“The word “Maserati” I knew before, “Mother “

“That’s not a cow in a tracksuit … That’s cow GTI in racing overalls”.

by fafik


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