The end. New tulips and sad death

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March 9, 2011 by gemmeii

I would like tell you about a wonderful book, in fact about  anunputdownable trilogy. It is written by Weeks Brent, an American writer. I read it during my winter holiday and I would like tor ecommend this book to you. The name of the trilogy is “The Night Angel” and it is one of the most interesting fantasy book I have ever read.

The title of the first novel is “The Way of Shadows” and it is about a boy, Azoth (in Polish Merkiusz). He is an orphan and lives in the slums, where he has two friends Jarll’a and Doll Girl. Every day they have to try to stay alive. Every day is a battle. They have to struggle for food, a place to sleep and money to survive the next day. One day Azoth meets Durzo Blint, the best slayer in the city. Azoth, who has never tasted a normal life,who  has cared and been responsible for others, who has always been afraid about himself and his friend, suddenly wants to be a person like Durzo, a person who is known to everyone, who everybody is afraid of. And this small boy marches to the world of his master. He must leave behind his previous life and change his character, his name and his friends. He becomes a Kylar Stern, a Night Angel. This new personality will protect and kill people, he will be the judge. He will be the master of  each person’s life, he will see every bad thing that a person does.

This book is (at least for me) fantastic. There is lots of magic, secrets, love, risk and death. In this novel the hero must make very hard decisions, must know how to move in a world full of secrecy and lies, must choose between love and reason, but this is why this book is so interesting and exciting. Moreover, it is very gripping, I read it in one day and all night and instantly I went to a shop to buy the second and the third part of it.

“Shadow’s Edge” and “Beyond the Shadows” are follow- ups. They are about the adventures of a young boy, who now can kill, knows the most dusky secrets of the city and people who live there.

The trilogy of The Night Angel is also very predictable, like most books of this type. A little boy becomes someone else, meets new people but all the time he thinks about his previous life and best friends, he returns to his love and wants to stay with her, but it is impossible as long as he is the Night Angel. And this is very hard since he cannot do that. He is torn between these two personalizes and whatever he chooses, the decision is always wrong, so he cannot do the right thing. But despite this obviousness the three books have many secrets and the reader wants to know them. Sometimes I had to leaf through pages of these books, because I could not refrain myself from getting to know rest of the story sooner. “They Way of the Shadows”, “Shadow’s Edge” and “Beyond the Shadows” are the books that have to be devoted some time (altogether they span across almost 1800 pages), but nevertheless it will not be time wasted.

I recommend this trilogy to everybody who likes fantasy books and is willing to spend sometime in a different word, in this instance in the word of a killer.

If you want to know what the title of the article means, you must read all the books of these trilogy.

Enjoy reading!


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