The next ‘Twilight’? No way.

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March 7, 2011 by Kuma

The next ‘Twilight’? No way.

Indeed, in ‘I am a number four’ we’ve got the handsome, heroic protagonist, a kind of dangerous and illegal love between the handsome, heroic, main hero and the forgiving, shy, quiet, simple girl with amazing passions, and… exceptionally trivial nature. We have to add that this guy isn’t only a human, but he’s got a super powers. In this film there are many secrets, a romance slowly coming to life, a fight with evil and… wonderful music, similar to that from ‘Twilight’ but a little bit worse.

The basic requirements for a super hit are met if we suppose that we’re talking about super hits for teenagers or for boring Sunday evenings.

But unfortunately the film leaves us a little hungry. It seems that it’s just a project, which isn’t finished yet. In addition, the characters are trivial, without any temperament – everything is only sketched in some generally accepted scheme.

– The main Hero – has to be amazingly handsome, he has to have super powers and he has to falls in love. And… this is about everything about the main hero.

– Main hero’s girlfriend – she Has to understand that he Has to goes away; she Has to be forgiving, quiet, and normal but, of course, after a closer look it appears she’s an unbelievably talented and trivial person. So sad.

– The second super-heroine – she Has to be sexy, bad and with a temperament. Probably in the second part she will enter a relationship with the second super-hero, but she will not want to admit to this because he’s a crook. Besides, she knows everything about everything, she can kill everyone and… Is there anything she Can’t do?

– The second super-hero – of course He Has to be a crook, but a funny and lovely crook that we can’t do anything but like him. He isn’t clever, he’s got a lot of problems, guys from school beat him on every break but he’s still full of positive energy.

But, ignoring this, the film plays rather nicely; the visual effects are really great, making up for a lot of the film’s imperfections. Unfortunately, there are too many allusions and similarities to ‘Twilight’ and this is already too boring. We’ve had enough.

But if we want to watch a light film about a Guy from another planet, who suddenly discovers his super-power and after a move to another city, falls in love and next he has to fight with ‘people’ who want kill him because of his super-powers…

Yeah, this film is perfect.


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