How (not) to actively spend your free time


February 9, 2011 by Kuma

All right. So I’ll propose something, too and it’ll be… a day at home! Yes, yes! That’s right! A quiet day at home. And, to spend it well, you have to:

– wake up at 12;

  1. .     -don’t dress up – you have to stay in your pajamas;
  2. .     -don’t get up from bed (you can take your blanket with you to the computer/TV)
  3. .     -have: a tea, a bottle of your favorite soft drink), crisps, popcorn, cookies and pizza which you can just put quickly into the microwave.

And now, attention!, there are two options: a day in front of the computer or in front of the TV. If you choose the second option all you have to do is switch channels and watch everything – from teleshopping Mango, through tidings, to brazilian soap operas – or some films on dvd. I recommend funny, light comedies – something nice and easy in viewing.

But if you choose the first option –  the computer – you’ve got more opportunities. Facebook is the one of the best and mostly chosen options. It guarantees us that we’ll not be bored – assuming that some other people will choose the same way of spending their free time like us and we will not be alone on Facebook. Applications, rankings and games. And, of course, sharing on our wall information about how actively we spend our time – this means: what we’re eating or on which channel we have already switched on the, playing in background, TV. To the more tenacious I’m leaving the option of sitting on and for die-hard fans – internet forums.

Of course all the time you have to listen to some music.You can’t forget about or, either! You have to include the daily standard – even during the holidays!

If you aren’t satisfied by the Internet, you can bully the Sims, shoot the enemies in Call of Duty, build your own city in the Civilization (or something like that) or just lay cards in Solitaire.

When you’ll see that behind the window is dark, you’ll have behind yourself another wonderful, actively spend day!

And so successful!

Please – don’t repeat this every day. If possible – every other day.


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