Loose considerations of a frustated child who doesn’t feel Christmas

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January 8, 2011 by Kuma

Christmas in the Catholic tradition should be a time which we can spend with our family, a time full of thoughts, of spiritual renewal etc… But for many years Christmas has been so commercialized, that its primary sense is dying in a blaze – after November – in the glitter of shop windows, Christmas promotions or presents.

I’m not saying that all of these things are bad – well apart from Christmas symbols in November – but I think that sometimes we really forget the meaning of it all. It’s not only the birth of Jesus Christ, but also all of this family atmosphere around the fireplace which is usually missing.

One year ago, when I was talking with my friend, he said Christmas is so boring and pointless that he doesn’t feel the Christmas magic. Back then I was really sure that Christmas is absolutely wonderful, full of smiles and joy… In the afternoon we set the christmas table, at midnight we went to midnight mass, and in the morning again to church, for the morning mass. And everything was good! But something has changed since last year and I have caught myself thinking like my friend.

Christmas magic seems to have stopped existing. Not only I think like that, but also my friends, classmates, which is even sadder, because – in practice – we are still kids, kids, who some years ago couldn’t come by without Christmas. Kids, who suddenly get up from the christmas table, thank for their present and go to their rooms, lock up there, turn on Facebook or Gadu-Gadu and share opinions with other frustrated “kids”.

I felt Christmas magic just because of buying presents for my family and hanging christmas lights on the christmas tree. And I feel so bad with this. The Child Christmas magic has gone away a long time ago, we’re growing up, we see more things and we don’t accept many others.

Or maybe we are just so busy with our problems, our private, school and business life, that we don’t even have any time to stop? Or maybe it isn’t only our fault. Maybe it’s the fault of this world, the ever accelerating world, which forces us to live like this, Which doesn’t let us stop, even for a moment – to stop and think about the meaning of all this Christmas time.

Or maybe we have to accept that the world and culture is changing – and either we’ll stay conservative people, who believe in old rules and traditions or go with the ghost of our times, we’ll fit into a paranoid rhythm and maybe for some time we will find ourself somewhere, beside a Christmas table…?

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